Excessive Dog Barking

While some canine behavioral problems affect only their human family, excessive barking is problematic for the family as well as for neighbors. As with other types of unwanted behavior, there are several reasons why a dog may bark excessively. Eliminating excessive barking requires identifying the cause(s) of the problem.

Dogs bark excessively for different reasons. Dogs who are socially isolated, frustrated, or attention seeking may bark if they are left alone for extended periods, if they do not have proper outlets for their energy, or if their social needs are not otherwise being met. Alternatively, dogs may bark as a territorial or protective instinct. While many of us don’t mind too much if our dogs alerts us to the presence of a stranger on our property, excessive territorial or protective barking can quickly get out of hand. Proper training can be crucial to curbing this type of unwanted barking.

Furthermore, dogs may bark out of fear or because of separation anxiety, which is often accompanied by other undesirable behaviors. Bark collars, behavior modification, environment and interaction modifications and other tools can be used to help curb excessive barking in your canine companion. To determine the best strategy to eliminate this unwanted behavior, contact our trainers today. We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide the help you need to make both you and your dog healthier and happier.

Remember, there are no bad dogs, just dogs that have yet to be trained!

“Investing in professional canine training is the single most responsible thing you can do for your dog and your family.” -Mike Stone, Absolute K9

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There are not bad dogs…just dogs that have yet to be trained

We believe that in an ideal situation, it is much better to be proactive in your dog training by teaching the right behaviors before bad behaviors begin.

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