Selecting a Trainer

As with searching for any new product or service, you should do your homework when looking for a trainer. Unfortunately, there are many trainers out there that are poorly trained or under-qualified to give you and your dog proper training that lasts.

Furthermore, some trainers use questionable methods or are unable to adapt their methods to your needs. To ensure that your dog training experience is a success and worth your investment it is wise to ask any potential trainer the following important questions. And, while we welcome any and all of your questions and concerns, we went ahead and answered our own questions here so that you can learn more about us.

Read on to learn the most important questions to ask a Professional Dog Trainer.


The Desired Response

Absolute K9’s Answer

1. Has the trainer received any formal education or certification in professional dog training? A professional trainer should have certification in dog training. All of our trainers are certified to train dogs. Many of our trainers hold multiple certifications in the US and abroad. Furthermore, many of our experts compete and judge internationally in dog competitions. You can learn more about our qualifications under Our Trainers or by reading more about our founder Mike Stone.
2. How long have you been in San Diego running this business? Is this a new or passing career for your trainer? Will this trainer be around long enough to help you in the long-term? Founder Mike Stone and his team of trainers have a combined 40 or more years of experience training dogs. Training dogs is our lives. Absolute K9 has been in business in San Diego since the early 1990s. We don’t plan on going anywhere soon and are dedicated to providing the training assistance you need for a lifetime of success with your dog.
3. If you are considering In Kennel Training, is the facility Licensed? It is illegal to operate a Dog Training/Boarding Kennel without a license. If a facility is not licensed, your dog could be impounded by animal control. Your dog could be kept at an unsafe and unregulated facility. There have been many sad stories like this here in San Diego over the years. Make sure you ask for proof of licensing and take a tour of their facility. Home-based dog training companies are not legal in San Diego. Our facility at Absolute K-9 is not only licensed, but has an outstanding reputation as one of the best training and boarding facilities around. (Learn more about Our Facilities here.) We invite you to come to our 22,000 Sq. Ft. facility for a tour and/or a free consultation so that you can learn more about us, the services we offer, the quality of our care and services, and more.
4. What Accomplishments has the trainer personally achieved? If you are going to pay a professional at a professional rate, make sure you are truly getting an expert. A professional Trainer should have many titles obtained in different fields of competitive dog training. Our experts are leaders in dog training and have earned a reputation as some of the best professional dog trainers around. Mike Stone has earned a number of training titles including the distinguished Schutzhund Title III, as well as judging and competing internationally in countless dog training competitions. Word of our success has reached far and wide, with even celebrities and athletes traveling across the country to have their dogs trained by our team.
5. Does the trainer immediately want to use an Electric/Shock Collar? This form of negative reinforcement is a quick fix, not to mention an improper use of equipment and a serious lack of professionalism. We believe in using the best, most effective and most humane training techniques available. You can learn more about our methods here.
6. Is the cost of services comparable to the level of experience, professionalism and ability of the dog trainer? The cost of training should only be comparable to the trainer’s level of experience. You should only expect to pay a professional trainer reasonable rates. You should never settle for handing over your dog (or money) to a hobbyist with a lack of education and experience. The cost of our services is incredibly reasonable, given our experience, training, qualifications, and ability to deliver (and guarantee) the training you need for life. We are also the only training team in San Diego to offer 0% financing and can work with any budget without straining it.
7. Do you have insurance coverage in case of an accident as well as workers compensation coverage for your staff? You want to make sure you and your pet are going to be protected by making sure your trainer is fully insured. At Absolute K-9 we are fully licensed and insured, as well as carrying worker’s compensation coverage for our valuable staff. You can rest assured that you, your pet, and our team are fully protected.
8. Why did you decide to become a professional dog trainer? The answer to this question should be very important to you and can be a very good indicator of the type and quality of training you will receive. Some people are in this job for the money. Others have motives that may surprise you and in some way compromise the quality of service you receive. All of our trainers have a lifelong passion and genuine love of dogs. We believe in and care about every dog and family that walks through our doors, as you will see when you begin working with us. We have dedicated our lives to working with dogs and their humans, as well as training dogs to the highest standards in competitions. We have an exceptional reputation, not only for our training skills, but also for our relationship to the public.
9. What are your facilities like? It is a sad fact that many facilities offer sub-standard conditions. In fact, right here in San Diego facilities kennel dogs in their garages without adequate temperature control, not to mention their substandard care of your dogs. You want to make sure that the facility you choose is clean, safe, well kept and managed, and above all that the service they provide is conducive to your dog’s health, learning and well-being. Our facilities are known as the newest, cleanest, and most advanced dog training quarters in Southern California, and possibly the nation. All of our dog areas are temperature controlled, spacious, clean, well kept, and well monitored. We have a vet on staff nearly everyday and you can rest assured knowing your dog will be closely looked after and cared for by at least a dozen trained kennel staff. You can learn more about Our Facilities here.

To learn more about our dog trainers, as well as our suite of services, please contact Absolute K-9 at (858) 643-0010 or click here to send an email. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and about how to find a good trainer. We look forward to having an opportunity to show you all that we tell you here about our facility, our trainers, and our services!

“Investing in professional canine training is the single most responsible thing you can do for your dog and your family.” -Mike Stone, Absolute K9

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