Testimonials & Successes

jaime_w_apolloNo letters were asked for, and so we have not altered them since their receipt. These are success stories of clients that have put their dogs through our training program. What’s more, they are dog stories for dog lovers; we think you’ll enjoy!

Dear Absolute K9,

We have two dobermans in our family. Apollo is a 6 year old male who was pretty much a marshmellow and did not really like to listen to commands. And Payton who is an 11 month old female with a mind of her own.

As I write this review I am tearful with gratitude and happiness for what Mike Stone and his staff at Snug Pet Resort have accomplished. Payton our 11mo old Doberman was out of control. We were at our wits end with her and ready to give her up. I have had Doberman’s for nearly 30 years and Payton was our ninth Dobie. She was like nothing in the past. I have also been an avid dog trainer (home schooled) for 20+ years. So when I tell you she was out of control I under stated it… in Feb 2011 after searching and hiring 3 previous trainers (all unsuccessful) Mike was our last hope.

After a complete evaluation of both of our dogs. Mike suggested an in depth training program. It was only after starting the program did Mike completely understand the challenge he had ahead of him. To that end, Mike had even personally opened his home to accomplish what was an amazing transformation.

After six weeks of intensive training and behavior work I am so very happy to report that Payton and Apollo are amazing! I believe Mike saved Payton’s life and provided both Apollo and Payton with amazing Doberman skills. If you have never walked down the street in the middle of downtown with two Doberman’s (off leash) at your side watching your every move and passing folks with there jaws on the ground you don’t know what your missing. Doberman puppy $3k, Supplies $2k Training with Mike & Snug Pet Resort ……..Priceless.

– A satisfied customer

Dear Toni,

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with Josh Zapparolli’s work with my dog Caleb. Caleb required not only basic and advanced obedience training, but also major behavior modification. Josh totally transformed my aggressive Husky into the gentle dog he is today. What impresses me most about Josh is his total commitment to his job. I have called him at all hours of the day and night. He always answers his phone and addresses my questions, no matter how inane they may be. Caleb has been home for over 2 months and my dog continues to be a paragon of good behavior; owing to Josh’s in-kennel and at-home training. Thank you for your valuable service and thank you for hiring Josh.


Mike and Toni,

I just wanted to drop you both a line to let you in on our news! We recently had a baby boy and we are so excited. We were so pleased with the training that Travis did with our dog Kasha, that we decided to name our first born son after Travis! He was so wonderful that we can only hope that our son will grow up to be as great as he is.

Thanks again!

Hi Toni
I wanted to send a special THANK YOU to Tom & Travis – they have changed our lives! We’ve only had Sunny (our adorable lab) home for 5 days & we are so astounded & delighted! She is incredibly obedient, still her loving self & a real joy to have back in our home! We are thrilled with her new skills & anticipate a long loving life together.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – We’d recommend Absolute K9 Training to anyone!

Warm regards,

The King Family

Dear Mike and Toni,

Hi you two and greetings from the Malinski family. Just in case you do not remember me , you trained our Min Pin Jessica and also our Dalmation Buster back in the late 90’s. Looks like from your Website that you are doing well and your business has really grown. You’re all famous and everything. Congradulations to both of you.

My reason for writing is twofold. First I wanted to tell you that we had to put Buster to sleep earlier this month. Over the last few years, he developed spinal problems. About 3 years ago, he had major back surgery and was doing very well till July of this year when the problem re-occurred but in his neck this time. He was in a great deal of pain and his life was limited to being in his bed and walking outside just to go “potty” and right back to bed or kennel again. Financially, surgery was not an option for us this time. I have owned many dogs in my life but Buster was truly “special” to me.

So, secondly I wanted to just take a moment to thank both of you for training Buster. When I first got him and called Toni in a “panic” over how I was going to deal with this challenging breed, she calmed me down right away and we began training early. He became a wonderful pet and even through all the pain he experienced he never once lashed out at us or the staff at ABC Vet Hospital. Without you guys and your in-kennel training along with the training you gave me and the family…Buster’s life would have been very different and so would ours.

God Bless you both, the Malinski’s wish you all the best in all you do.

Carol Malinski

Hi Mike and Toni,
I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with Kasha’s training that she just returned from. I don’t know if you remember, but she is a sable German shepherd and EXTREMELY headstrong. After 3 weeks with Travis she has returned as the same Kasha that we love, but more manageable. Her dog aggression is much improved and we can now take her on a walk without fear of what she will do. Her demeanor is also different. Before, when we would take her on a walk she would look around anxiously the whole time. Now she finds her groove and just cruises along. It is very relaxing. We will continue to work with her on a daily basis and look forward to continuing our training relationship with Travis.

Holly Vitek

It is with pleasure I would highly recommend Absolute K9. My wife and I purchased a Saint Bernard puppy and it became ever so evident we needed help. Absolute K9 returned our dog after 3 weeks, and she is a different animal. Completely trained, what can I say, it is a joy. She comes on command, heals, and is completely house broken, and I cannot say thank you enough for all you did. The human training part was fun too!

Peter Williams, Valley Center, Ca

Dear AbsoluteK9,

I want to thank you and specifically Travis for the outstanding job he did with Nohea. While German Shepherds can be a strong willed breed , Nohea was particularly strong willed. I have a tendency to choose shepherds of this make up. He is a different dog now. While he still has the spirit I can control him much better and he knows his boundaries.

I will not hesitate to send my next shepherd to you folks.

Thanks so much and thanks Travis

Robert B.

We survived our first night with a beautifully well behaved dog. What a relief…Tom, you did wonders with our very exuberant shepherd. It was easy to see you did a lot of training with him; we admire your patience and knowledge. Travis was great explaining how to keep Doogan well behaved and a dog we want to have around. We look forward to continue training with you.

Thank you again and again, Shaughn & John Mcginle

By the way…Tom did a excellent job with training Molly. I feel like I got a $50K dog back!!!! I have not had one single problem since she’s been back. Sending her to you guys has been PRICELESS!!!! And we are having even more fun together. I am still in AWE at how well behaved she is!!!!!

Thank You So Much!!!


Hello Toni –

Just to let you know Rob came to see me about my pom, Dillon, and his problem with constantly barking – and he had the problem resolved after 3 or 4 attempts – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I have followed Rob’s instructions and lo and behold I now have a dog that is not annoying anymore. You people are absolutely miracle workers! Too bad we can’t train our kids the same way!

My sincere thank you to you and your company and your wonderful staff. Rob is excellent and I so admire his and your ability to train animals. My hat goes off to you all.

Best regards – Nancy Byron

Hi Absolute K9 Training

We wanted you to see how much fun Roxy is having in Jackson Hole!! She loves the snow so much–she is having the time of her life. She is doing so well on leash and off leash!! It is so much to have a well behaved and well-trained dog! We can take her anywhere and we have been. I take her cross country skiing with me, she goes snowshoeing, we go on long snow walks all around the neighborhood, she is out playing in the snow with the kids all the time… She is such a good girl. Thank you so much for all your hard work with Roxy. She is doing GREAT!!! She is so much fun to be with now. Thanks a million. Please come visit her in Jackson Hole!!!!! You are welcome ANY TIME! You did a great job with her.

Thanks again,
Lora and Rick Colson and ROXY!


I want to send you and your husband a note before you forget who “Freida” is — the 11 month old Doberman that was out of control at the time you came to my house here in Ramona to evaluate her. I want to thank Brigitte and Absolute K-9 for taking her on and for doing such a wonderful job with her training.

Toni, Freida is doing so well!! I couldn’t be happier with her progress!! Brigitte did a remarkable job with her. My biggest fear was that sending Frieda to “camp” and having her go through weeks of training would somehow take her personality away but nothing could be further from the truth. Brigitte knows the Doberman so well and taught me so much about the breed that Freida is now a much happier and funnier dog than I could have hoped for.

Please extend my gratitude to your staff and especially Brigitte who helped Freida be what she was meant to be as a beautiful, little Doberman puppy. I look forward to having her as my constant companion which is why I got her in the first place.


Dear Mike and Toni,

I am the owner of Henry . You trained him in the year 2000. I wanted you to know that he passed away on Monday during knee surgery. He was just shy of 6 years old. Your training was always very valuable to us. I was able to walk a 215 pound dog down the street and feel comfortable.

Thank you for making his life more enjoyable.

Maddie Berson


I just wanted to tell you that Bridget did a spectacular job of training our little pug, Gracie. She is such a good girl now. She sits and downs like a champ, and she’s really good about following me everywhere now. She’s happy on tie-down, and even more amazing, she actually likes her crate now! Not to mention that she’s potty trained! Hooray!!

Bridget has come over twice to ‘train’ me, which I know is the hardest part of this whole experience! She was really helpful in giving me tips and guiding me through what I needed to do to keep Gracie behaving well. It’s obvious that Gracie loves her, and that they formed a really special bond during their training sessions, and it was nice to see that! Bridget was very patient with me, answered all of my numerous questions and gave me tips on how to correctÔŅĹGracie’s little blips, and all in all made it a really fun experience to learn how to be a good handler. I really like Bridget, and I wanted to thank you for putting my little puggy in such capable hands…She did an excellent job, and we’re very pleased!

Thank you again,

Jill Taraz

My best friend from the East Coast came to stay w/me this weekend. She shared w/me that at first she thought I was a little bit eccentric for having 4 dogs.
She added, but then she saw that all the dogs listened to me (as Baron sat by my side w/out moving as she opened the front door) and she realized handling 4 dogs was easy. (Yes, right. You and I both know how much discipline and constant training it takes.) But I think it’s a terrific testament to you that she thought so.


Hello Toni –

Just wanted to email to tell you how pleased I am with the training that Rob gave Dillon. Dillon came back home on Wed, Nov 24 and I was in absolute awe when I saw what he had been taught.

You people took a little Pain In The Butt Pom with absolutely no discipline whatsoever and had no knowledge of how to behave and turned him into a dog that is well mannered and well trained. I truly appreciate everything you have done. Rob is an excellent trainer and expresses himself well. I will be forever grateful to you and Rob! You have taken a dog and turned him into a wonderful pet!

Thank you – Nancy Byron


Just wanted you to know how much we love our new WELL BEHAVED, EASY TO WALK AND CONTROL, SMART, BEAUTIFUL COOKIE !!! (OK she was already beautiful)

Bridgett did a wonderful job with her. We could not be happier. She is now everything we were hoping for. Roxanne can walk her with confidence and not be worried about getting pulled or knocked down. I had her at the office all day yesterday and she was a joy to be around. We are especially thankful that she is still the loving, playful dog we had before training. We were afraid some of her personality would be lost, but that is not the case at all.

So once again I thank you and Bridgett for everything you have done for her, and us. If you want to use us for as reference, we would be happy to oblige.

Jerry & Roxanne Hawkins


I have never laughed so hard in my life!! Usually when I get home the dogs are standing on the deck barking at me and are full of energy from being in the house all day. Today when I drove up, there was no one to greet me. I went up to the bedroom and expected to get jumped on, and there was nothing! I walked out on the deck and saw all the dogs lounging around (or should I say posing) on their beds looking so incredibly cute, I just lost it!!! THE BOWS!!!! I still can’t stop giggling!!! They definitely had a day at the spa and they look AMAZING!!! We just can’t thank you enough for making them so darn cute! (and I thought they were so darn cute before)!

I think Mabel & Grumpy are a little jealous, so we’ll have to get them in next! You know, I’m going to start making you upgrade everything in your house so I can pay for all this pampering for the puppies!! I know they’re going to start expecting it!! The pictures didn’t come through, so if you have a chance could you try sending them again? Thanks again SOOOOO much! They’re GORGEOUS!!!!! (ohmigod – and Bashful’s little tail – I’m dying here – no mats!!!!) : ) : ) : ) If you EVER need a reference, you’d better give them our name!! We’re your own personal fan club!!!

Take care!
Nicole & Martin

Hello Mike and Toni,

Thank-you for letting Lance re-visit you. Now that the concerns and problems with Lance and with us have been addressed, He is so very much improved. It is a pleasure having him home.

We appreciate your high standards and commitment to quality training. It has been a pleasure working with both of you. Please feel free to use us as a reference, if you would like for future clients.

We will see you at school,
Thanks Again,
Daylene and Danielle

Just wanted to check in and touch base regards the Moose….

Since Mike was here its like Moose and I have turned a corner! We’ve been getting compliments nearly everyday from neighbors and strangers alike on how obedient and well behaved Moose is!!! (Its actually funny watching some strangers reactions!) Now we can be out in public and I’m not worried about groups of people like I used to be, which is a huge relief–it seems Moose has now figured out that more folks are more inclined to pet him if he’s a good boy rather than a tough bullie. Moose rides quietly in the car–no more ballistic dog, and he actually comes to us when he is called! And here’s the biggy: while I’m working he quietly parks himself next to the front door at my office so he can watch everyone outside (dog television) and keep an eye on the office activity. Amazing! The Growling Greeter only slips occasionally and we’re swift to remind him otherwise. Some of the work neighbors can’t believe the change and swear we’re sedating him here at work. (Can you tell we’re feeling much more comfortable using the remote collar now?)

As Mike instructed, Moose and I are presently working on off-leash training and its going quite well. I nearly fainted when Mike had us do this the first time! Now we’ve recently been simply letting Moose drag his leash–something I wasn’t sure I’d ever be even halfway comfortable with.

A big, big relief compared to the days I’ve wanted to pluck all Moose’s whiskers out for being such a brat ūüôā

As I discussed with Mike, I was a bit fractured about Moose’s manners with regard to taking on another bullie. We’ve been ‘adjusting’ things here at work and at home with having another dog around in mind. Making space, so to speak. Moose’s brattiness was the biggest hurdle and given Moose’s good-boy manners now, and the use of the remote, we feel much more comfortable.

So, what do you and Mike suggest insofar as getting the bullies together? (Monica and her husband are leaving toward the end of February, if I remember correctly.) Dan and I are gone this weekend and part of the next two–we are willing to do whatever we need to do during the week if necessary. We just don’t want Zena and her humans to get too cramped on timelines.

Thanks again for all your wonderful help!

Laura G.

Mike and Toni –

I just wanted you to know how well both dogs did over the Christmas holidays. They traveled with us to Yosemite, where we rent a cabin each year. They did great in the cabin but the best part was their ability to be off-leash quite a bit outside. While we leashed them at night for safety purposes, during the day we simply took them outside to “do their duty” off-leash to a small area next to the cabin – and they did great! Stayed close and came when they were called, plus went right back into the cabin when they were done. We also allowed them time off-leash during walks, and to run and play in the snow. Domino loved running through the snow – retrieving pine cones we’d toss into a snow patch. Olivia wasn’t too keen on getting her tummy wet in the snow but was a trooper walking through Yosemite Valley in all of the snow and ice. (They have these great dog “coats” that we ordered for them with lamb’s wool inside, water resistant material outside and fit like a horse blanket – except that Domi looks like an armadillo in his!) They also walked so wonderfully for us and my 75 year old mom on both heel and our command of “close,” which means not heel but no pulling on the leash. We also didn’t worry about them jetting out the door of the cabin, which my sister’s schnauzer did (she got away three times – took off around the complex). While we were packing with the door opening, etc., we just put them on a down, out of the way. It was GREAT! I must say that they sure enjoy being off-leash. We work them some off-leash on our street – heeling up to the corner and then off-leash on the way back. And they are allowed off-leash in the front yard with us and when we go out, they are allowed to go to get into the car off-leash. Poor Domi thinks that if he simply goes to a “down” at the door this means he’ll get to go out the door. They also do great with “stay” so they don’t go out the front door. I’ve never had dogs that could be off-leash so this sure is wonderful. Just wanted you to know – IT’S WORKING!

Happy New Year!

Audrey Stubenberg

First of all, my husband and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did with “our” Atomic. He is truly the perfect pet. We could not be happier with the training he received at your facility. Frequently we receive comments that he is a wonderful dog.


Sonia Basco

Dear Mike:

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to talk to me today. Your insight/knowledge is most valuable to our family and greatly
appreciated. Ubu is a big part of our lives (as are our two other dogs) and we want harmony for all. How often in life is one able to consult w/
an expert several months after the purchase of a service? I will work on my “homework” and keep you posted.



Could you please bring one 50ish pound bag of Martin’s Formula Dog Food to class on Saturday morning. I really like the change in the dogs eating habits. (And not a lot of output, either!)

Thanks, Kathleen O’Hagan

P.S. Big test tomorrow

I’m finally having the tile installed throughout our home. The crew will be here in the am to rip out the carpet.

The project should take about 10 days…We will be spending next week at the Quails Inn. The dogs are permitted to be the room in the evening. They will be in the garage, in their kennel, during the day. While the work crew is in the house. I’ll be popping in and out… I am confident the dogs will do well. ANOTHER MILESTONE. (You know this would have been nearly impossible to accomplish before Absolute K-9 came into our lives.

Thanks again, Kathleen

Thank you for blessing us and changinig our life for the better and for doing what we could never do and for training our Lobo into the best dog ever!!!!!!! and for giving me more peace in my small house with 4 kids and a big dog.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Love The Buchhausers

Hi Toni,

I have been meaning to send you a note to tell you how thrilled we are with Dutchess and Merlin, since they have returned home from camp. They?have both changed dramatically and are so well behaved. The most dramatic change is with Duthcess and her affect towards men. She was always so uncomfortable even with her dad Billy, but now he can pet her , she will play with him…. it is absolutely incredible.

We also want to say how happy and thankful?we are with the help Bridgitte has given us to maintain the training they received. She has been absolutely terrific.
We are so pleased to have chosen Absolute K-9 , I’m telling everyone about it. We look forward to along term relationship with Absolute K-9.

Many, Many Thanks to everyone who worked with Dutchess and Merlin and especially to Bridgitte.

Mary Ellen, Billy, Hunter, Dutchess, and Merlin


I just wanted to tell you all how happy we are with our “new & improved” Kaya! She came home today with Rob, and we are so pleased with the amazing transformation. She is so much calmer, and much more fun to be around. Although challenging us a bit, she quickly realizes that we are just as serious about the training as Rob is! He is fantastic and very patient. Training us is going to be more challenging than training her! Thanks again. Your training has changed out life with our dog.

The Rothschild’s

And here are Snug & Absolute K9 reviews pulled from Yelp!

Snug = Miracle

I have two great dogs, but two months ago they were both JERKS!. My Puggle didn’t care what you told him and did whatever he wanted. The Italian Greyhound just followed suit. It was terrible and I hated life.

Then I decided to take extreme measure and pay the $4K to send them both to Snug for training. It was a long shot but something had to be done. Snug guaranteed my satisfaction but believe me I had huge doubts.

Three weeks later I could have sworn they changed out my dogs for two other ones. Bailey and Kahlua are absolutely brilliant now. They sit, they stay, they heel, they drop it, leave it, go to bed, get off, they greet people appropriately at the door. Bailey is even starting to get the hang of being quiet.

There is no equal to what Snug did. Our trainer was amazing.


Andy R.
San Diego

A ¬†3 week boot camp for 2300 .00 bucks… better be good. It was. One of my English Bulldogs started to develop aggressive behavior towards me and even bit me twice, something had to be done. This was the answer.

I saw it more as a vacay for him and knew he was going to have fun as well as learn new things like how not to be a friggin douche. He came home to me after 3 weeks of Charm School a completely different dog.

I also have used Snug’s overnight boarding so I could do Vegas and not worry about their well being. The rooms are huge and clean with hard wood floors, huge window and tv. $150 or so a night for both of them is not bad at all.

Joey D.
San Diego, CA

we adopted a 5yr old beagle from an abusive home.  shortly after he joined our family, we found out we were expecting twin humans!  due to his bullying tendencies, we were led to Snug Pet Resort for their doggy boot camp.  After about 8 weeks with Graham, Sparky is a new beagle.  He is very calm around our two crazy toddlers, and even stays in his bed when the front door opens!

After our great experience with the training, we started using Snug for boarding and vet needs. ¬†The facility is so clean, the boarding rooms are huge (and that’s not even counting the ultra-splurge suites). ¬†The vet staff is so kind and concerned. ¬†Sparky had a growth that a previous vet said was just a scar, but Dr. Ashbaugh tested to find that it was cancerous. ¬†A simple surgery removed it and Sparky’s good as “new”.

we won’t go anywhere else for our pet-care needs!

Tina C.
Chula Vista, CA

After loosing my Rat Terrier “Saint” ¬†to a terrible accident I felt it was time to take action with my anti-social Jack Russell Terrier “Spirit”. Into our lives came Dan. We have been training with Dan since March and my ¬†dog Spirit has slowly transformed into a different dog. ¬†Dan has been patient and caring with our dog and always has a positive outlook. It is well worth the half-an-hour drive to Snug Pet Resort from Otay Ranch to recieve the quality training for myself as the dog owner and my pets. ¬†I have been so satisfied with the transformation of my “Spirit” I have recently signed up my five-month-old puppy “Simcha” to join the Snug Pet Family and become an obedient dog. ¬†Muchas Gracias, Dan!!!!

Giselle M.
Chula Vista, CA

Had my dog trained there by Graham. What a great job there did with her. Not only did I think my dog was a lost cause, I never thought I would get the results that I did. Very informative to what the dog can do and the potential of a trained dog. Not only can you do the board and train (which I did) you get free lifetime lesson to keep you and your dog on point. Also offer boarding, which includes free “refresher’ courses for your dog. Its like getting a free carwash with you’re oil change. Its awesome. Thanks a ton!!!

BTW, snug is always updating there services, making them a place to go for all dog/pet needs. ¬†Best part about Leona’s (my puppy) overnight stays is that she gets a little refresher course on being a perfect dog. ¬†Graham and staff know what they are doing and I will continue to recommend them to everyone i come across. ¬†Overnight stays a perfect too, and if you get your dog before 12 (noon) you don’t pay for that day. ¬†Not too many places like that around anymore.

Rich F.
San Diego, CA

I’m very impressed with the training that my German shepherd received at SnugPet! ¬†Before the 3 week bootcamp, my dog had serious leash aggression (he FLIPPED OUT whenever walking by another dog), was unpredictable around strangers, and all around lacked self-control.

Then after 3+ weeks of training from Graham (he was kept a bit longer for fine-tuning, a testament to their trainers’ degree of perfectionism), my dog heels perfectly, is about 95% “cured’ of his leash aggression, and is on his way to more advanced off-leash training, thanks to the weekly personal lessons that come with the bootcamp package.

I highly recommend consulting with Snug’s trainers if you have a “problem” dog. ¬†It’s not cheap but it’s well worth the price if you can afford it. ¬†It is worth it considering the life time of the dog and how much stress and damage an untrained dog will cause! ¬†The way I see it is either continue with worry and headaches and ineffective do-it-yourself training, OR get rid of the dog, OR better yet, invest in professional training and see real results.

Debbie I.
San Diego, CA

I’ll start with the good….no, great things about Snug. Tom the trainer is absolutely amazing. Quite honestly this guy should have his own reality show about dog training or at the very least be a named partner in the business. I brought my 8 month old Doberman “Steve” to Tom after being referred by another guy who had issues with his Golden. Admittedly, the sticker shock for the 8 week boot camp was a hard pill to swallow, but my wife was ready to give my dog away at this point so drastic measures needed to be taken.

Steve had a great disposition, but he was a complete terror. He ate everything in sight; furniture, bedding, candles, you name it he ate it. Additionally, he pulled like a pack mule when we walked him, refused a bath and not once did he ever sit, stay, or come on command.

We dropped him in the care of Tom and in eight weeks I swear he is a new dog. When we went to pick him up Tom had us stand out of sight while he worked with Steve to show us what he had learned. Steve was completely off leash trained, he sat, stayed, lay down, went to his bed, and heeled all on command. My wife was almost in tears she was so happy, and I simply couldn’t believe it. Top it off with Steve being freshly bathed and being “OK” with a bath now.

Throughout his training Tom called once a week and updated me on Steve’s progress and it wasn’t always roses as Tom is a no BS kind of guy. In fact, Tom insisted on keeping Steve an extra couple of days because he wasn’t up to Tom’s standards. It became quite evident that Tom has very high standards and expects dogs to meet them as opposed to accepting “almost” perfect. All this, while being very loving to the dogs and making them want to work as opposed to being forced to do so.

After a lengthy reintroduction we took Steve home and he has been perfect every since. That was a month ago and Steve continues to improve on his concentration and obedience while maintaining his loving disposition. As an example I can say that I walk him now twice daily without a leash and take him to the off leash dog park to play. When he is in the middle of chasing another dog I can give him the “come” command and he doesn’t hesitate to run straight to me and sit. I have been asked literally a dozen times how I trained him so well. For owners of dogs who have no discipline or concentration you will not be disappointed in Tom’s skill with dogs. I would recommend Tom to anyone at anytime, so much so that despite the cost, the day I picked up Steve I came home and immediately got my other dog “Ike” and dropped him off with Tom THAT DAY; Tom is that good.

As far as the rest of the review…the facility is top notch, very clean, the staff is super friendly and always willing to answer any questions you might have. The enrollment process was straight forward with no “upsell” like many places use…the price is the price and as with lawyers and accountants, you get what you pay for.

My only knock on this place would be that while extremely friendly, “some” of the front desk staff are a bit inefficient (maybe new hires?) Maybe Tom should take over their training as well. A sincere thanks to Tom for saving my Doberman and making him the most incredible dog I have ever owned.

Matt E.
San Diego, CA

Both Kaleo and I love Snug.

When I got Kaleo, let’s just say Kaleo was a handful of a puppy. This was just about the time that Snug opened and upon a friend’s referral took him there for training. He went to the sleep away camp for a week – and although I missed him terribly, he came a different dog. I won’t lie, sometimes I think they really gave me an identical looking but different dog. Even now he is still the best trained and most obedient dog in my entire network of dogs.

I still take Kaleo to day care, or as well call it “camp” on days when I know I don’t have the time or energy to give him the exercise and companionship he needs. At first I used to feel like a bad doggy parent, for dropping him off but he gets so excited when we drive up the driveway I know he loves it. He even looks sad sometimes when I pick him up early from camp- because you know he is like “Mom, I am not done playing yet!” He even loves spending the night – which totally alleviates my guilt for going out of town!

Not only does my dog love the Snug Day Care experience, but so do I. The girls at the front desk always remember my name, Kaleo and are super friendly. And Jenny the groomer, is a god send!

I love Snug, and would recommend it to ANY and EVERY dog parent I know.

Trisha V.
Solana Beach, CA

I love Snug Pet Resort, it is the perfect place to take your pet for boarding, daycare, training and etc. Nicole and Leighann are super friendly, the staff really cares about your pet and treats them like a VIP!!! For whatever the reason for taking your pet there, you can be at ease your pet is well taken care of!!!!!
Bentley will see you soon!!

Kim R.
San Diego, CA

Brittany has been training me and my dog and it’s been great. ¬†After only a few lessons Taelor is almost perfect. ¬†She went from being reactive when she would see other dogs to being able to heel weaving in and out of other dogs. ¬†Brittany also helped us get her successfully into snug daycare which she goes to a couple times each week. ¬†It’s so great seeing Taelor playing and having fun with other dogs now, which is what she really wanted and needed.

Brittany is the best!!  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

It was especially touching recently when Taelor had an emergency room visit.  Brittany called to check on her and make sure she was ok.
very nice!

I’ve been taking Taelor to snugs daycare regularly for over a year now. ¬†She loves going to snug. ¬†She looks forward to seeing Nicole, Leigh Ann and Jaime when we get there. ¬†They always see us coming and are ready to check her in and out right away. ¬†Most of all they are always friendly, super nice and happy to see Taelor. ¬†They always have time to answer any questions we have or to help with appointments. ¬†These three especially (and others I’m sure I’m forgetting right now) go a long way in making our experience at snug a great one.

Troy V.
Del Mar, CA

Excellent staff, training, boarding, and care for your pet. ¬†They always provide a great experience. ¬† Thank you on behalf of the Rancho Santa Fe Unit of Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary.

Gabrielle O.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I love Snug Pet Resort. It is one stop shopping for all the special services I need for my dog. We have used their doggy day care, vet services, training and boarding! All have been superior. ¬†The staff gives us extra great customer service. The training is very professional and skilled. I don’t worry for a second when my dog is boarding at Snug. I’ve called to check on him and they were very receptive to my checking in. They always confirm and follow up with us. I am very impressed. And the facility is beautiful!!

Diane K.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

A doggy daycare and so much more! ¬†It’s actually a great idea to add one in Sorrento Valley with all the peeps here looking for a place for their doggies to go while they are at work!!

This is a brand new place that just opened….(co-owned by LT)….and really a great space for the doggies to hang out there even is a vet on staff!

There is a huge pool for them to run in and they do keep the small and large doggies separate AND the best part is that they have doggie cam SO you can watch your doggie all day at your desk and waste more time on the computer!!

The pricing is in line with all they other doggie daycare places and they also have training, overnights, grooming and a vet!

Amiee L.
San Diego, CA

I first brought my dog to Snug for the three week boot camp a few months ago.  It has made a huge difference in him.  I was worried that he might not like it there but he loves going and he loves his trainer, Dan.  He gets so excited when we get close to the place.  I can tell he loves it there and that made me feel better about my choice.  He is also a changed dog since he started working with Dan.  He listens to me so much more, does not bark like crazy at everything and everyone, and has really improved his manners when meeting new people.  When I used to take him for a walk he would pull me the entire time and it was not very fun.  Now he walks great, on and off leash.  We are still working to improve his interactions with other dogs but Dan has been so patient with my dog, and with me, and creative in trying new things that I am confident we will get it all worked out.

I have also taken my dog to Snug for boarding.  The best thing about this is he gets to work more with Dan while he is boarding.  Knowing that he will have this interaction with someone he adores, along with the training reinforcement, makes me feel better about leaving him.

My biggest concern about Snug is the group class. ¬†When I signed up for the three week boot camp, I was told that Snug would be adding a weekday/weeknight group class in addition to the Saturday morning class. ¬†Unfortunately, that has not happened yet. ¬†For awhile I was able to attend the Saturday class and it was great. ¬†Group class turned out to be perfect for me and my dog. ¬†I was nervous about having him around other dogs but since Dan runs the group class I felt more confident that things would work out and they did. ¬†Dan, and the other trainers who come to the class, do a fabulous job making sure that everyone, beginners to seasoned veterans, gets something out of class. ¬†I am bummed that I can’t make it to class on Saturday mornings anymore and my dog and I are both eagerly waiting for Snug to add another class

Dan does a great job working with my dog. ¬†I have taken my dog to Snug for the three week boot camp training as well as for boarding. ¬†I always feel confident and secure leaving him there knowing that Dan will be working with him and watching out for him. ¬†My dog is always happy and excited as we get closer to Snug and happy when I pick him up. ¬†While we are still working on his interactions with other dogs, his obedience, on and off leash have improved tremendously since Dan started training him. ¬†When I signed him up for the boot camp training, I was told that Snug would be adding a weeknight group class. ¬†So far this has not happened and it would make the Snug experience that much better. ¬†When I can take my dog to the Saturday group class, I do, and it’s great because Dan runs the class and he does an awesome job. ¬†He’s confident, relaxed, enthusiastic, and insightful.

San Diego

A big THANK YOU to Dan. Our rescued doberman was completely out of control. We had no off-leash controll with her, she would jump and create a mess throughout the house. After a few weeks of training we had already seen improvement in our girl. Now, she is completely off-leash trained. ¬†Also, we can ALWAYS attend Saturday group class for “touch-ups” if needed. Thank Dan ūüôā

Danielle N.
San Diego, CA

Extraordinary!!! Our lab, Titan was not our first dog, but like all animals he was different from our past labs. We tried many options for training and each resulted in more aggressive behavior when off lease or with toys or strangers. We loved Titan and knew we just needed the right approach for success. We meet with Mike and then decide to put Titan into Snug√Ęs 8 week boot camp. It was hard not having your dog around for 8 weeks. We looked forward each week to our weekly updated phone calls with Tom. Finally, Tom gave us the green light to come and learn how to be handlers for Titan. Titan was so excited to see us, but clearly loved Tom and his stay at Snug. After an hour or so myself, wife and two boys had mastered the new commands and had complete control over Titan. Titan had the same great spirit he came in with but now had self control, relaxed, and a new comfort and trust for people. We had a few follow ups 1:1 Training sessions (part of the package) that helped us gain even more confidence. Titan and our family are so HAPPY with the results!

Titan has also seen Dr. Hoolihan and his staff and they were simply AWESOME, Personable, professional and sincere.

Titan has stayed for 10 days last week for Thanksgiving, had some free maintenance training sessions with Tom, (for FREE, part of our original training package)and even did daycare. He did not want leave when we picked him up! We made reservations for two other trips prior and are so glad we did so.

Today we went for one of the Group Classes (free with our training package) and showed up without calling to find out there was not a class due to the holiday. Most business would have stop there. Not Snug, Mike asked Nike (another trainer) to work with us a little bit as a courtesy. Nick basically gave a private lesson (not expected and totally appreciated) helping on some very advance off lease drop command that Titan needed some help with, as well as husbandry behavior .

We are customers for life. Tom, Toni, Mike, Nick, Dr. Hoolihan and the rest of the Snug Team THANK YOU for doing the EXT ORDINARY!

You guys ROCK! ¬† Mike & Tom- today’s class was great! ¬†Love that the group was split into two advanced and beginner. ¬†The advance class was over the top. ¬†Loved all the off lease work. ¬†The best was when we dropped all the “hardware” and did the drills. ¬†The “Blind” (back to your dog) commands were huge. ¬†But the last 3 minutes of 1:1 with no gear really helped build my confidence and I think Titans!

Really appreciate all your ongoing efforts to enhance our relationships with our dogs!!!

Keep raising the bar and pushing us….Titan and LOVE IT!

Already a big Snug fan, we had our annual check up a earlier this week with resident Vet Dr. Ashworth. We have had dogs for 30+ years and never meet a Vet that was fantastic. First we got right in NO WAIT. Then not tech to run interference, the Dr. and the tech were in the room. First he review Titan current medications, discussed our observations of his health, did a physical exam and then unlike any other vet we have had, drew blood for a blood test right in front of us. They were so professional that titan was relaxed and did not even make sound!!! Other vets have take our dogs to the “other room”: and you never really know what happens back there. Loved the openness. And then we did a rattle snake vaccine, again quick, painless. And to top it off, the follow up call the next day was from Dr. Ashworth. Who shared the results of the blood test and confirmed everything was okay. This guy is simple AMAZING!

Vet Services are FANTASTIC! ¬†We are huge Snug fans. ¬†Our lab titan has been through the 8 boot camp about 18 months ago (They turned him into a great dog!) and has stayed at the “resort” numerous times from 1 day to 20 days this year and loves going. ¬†We have just had a very rough couple of weeks where he start to act weird and after two days start to walk funny, he saw Dr. Ashbaugh and we decide to since all his vitals were normal to keep eye and see if it was an upset stomach and see what the next day or two brings. Well Sunday AM he could not stand up on his rear legs now and we called in and Dr. Ashbaugh meet that morning and now we had more signs of a next issue and proceed with x-rays that showed everything was OK, but still felt there was a inflamed disk or something cause this. So he wanted to treated with medication and rest and a close eye on things, well Tuesday AM things were worse so we meet at 7:30am and Dr. Ashbaugh felt he was much worse in less than 48 hr, and wanted to get us to neurologist right away, he called talk the neurologist, and 45 mins later Titan was over at the Animal Specialty Hospital in the exam room with the Neurologist.

After an MRI, we were able to confirm as Dr Ashbaugh and the neurologist had suspected, a compressed disk after surgery Dr. Ashbaugh continual follow up even though Titan was under the neurosurgeons care.

To top things off we had a business trip and stay set for this week at Snug for titan so Dr. Ashbaugh volunteer to keep titan in his hospital and have his staff monitor is recover as he is not allowed to do much for 2 weeks (try getting a 3.5 year lab to sit still.  They called me with daily updates and when I picked him up this morning he was walking much better and seem very happy!.

Dr. Ashbaugh, Sara Nicole and the rest of the team…thank you for all you do for Titan!

Mark S.
Carlsbad, CA

We had a biting incident with our dog…the choices seemed simple, train or put the dog down. ¬†We opted for the three week training in house. We dropped off an agressive, ill-mannered, unmindful German Shepherd. ¬†I thought there would be no chance of redemption for this dog and was thinking how I would have rather had a new couch. ¬†Three weeks later we got back our dog and it was an unbelievable transformation. ¬†He is virtually perfect in every way. ¬†Not only does he mind commands, which I expected, but he seems to have matured. ¬†I would recommend this training to anyone!! ¬†They are rockstars!! (as is my dog). ¬†As far as JPs comment…I have been boarding dogs for 40 years and have always paid by calendar day..it is the established practice in the industry.

Cathi R.
San Diego, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  FINALLY!  The perfect doggy daycare!

Of all the doggy daycare places I’ve taken my dog Pilot to, Snug by FAR is the best – in all of San Diego! ¬†Snug is a one stop shop for everything to pamper your dog, and I’ve taken advantage of all they have to offer, from training, doggy daycare, boarding, vet services and grooming. ¬†Pilot LOVES it there and I love it too. ¬†The staff is absolutely wonderful to deal with and very knowledgeable, and for those of you who bring your dogs to daycare, you know what I mean when I say that it’s a breath of fresh air to see the owners involved in the day to day operation of their facility and in touch with their clients …. Snug is definitely a place that cares not only about your dog, but especially you as the customer. ¬†I’m VERY particular when it comes to anything that has to do with Pilot, and the service I’ve received from everyone there has far surpassed what I’ve ever expected, and will definitely keep me a client as long as I’m in San Diego. ¬†Needless to say, I’ve been well taken care of! ūüôā

If you’ve looked all over San Diego for the perfect doggy daycare or boarding facility, or you are planning to do so, definitely come to Snug – you won’t need to go anywhere else, trust me!

Ok, so I’ve submitted a review for Snug already, but you know, I just can’t get enough of this place. Everyday (yes, I mean day) I bring Pilot to daycare and I’m greeted by everyone as if I were family. All of the employees at Snug are phenomenal. Just an example: Dr. Houlihan is the best vet I’ve ever met, because not only does he break everything down to you (like procedures, what’s going on with your animal), he calls you after the procedure/checkup to let you know that everything is ok and what to expect when you pick up your pet. This is absolutely awesome; it gives me piece of mind knowing that my ‘lil buddy is in competent and loving hands while I’m not around. ¬†Nikki is the vet tech, and I absolutely LOVE her… she’s so great with the animals and when I’ve picked up Pi after his procedures (unfortunately, he’s been a regular in the vet side of the house lately), and she’s very detailed with aftercare and she really does check up on the animals over the next few days, and she takes the time out of her busy schedule to check on Pilot and provides feedback to me every single time. The reason why I take the time to detail this out is because not only does the medical staff deserve the recognition, they go above and beyond to ensure that they have pleased customers and healthy animals. Let’s just say that they’re so freaken awesome, they’ve won a client for life!

Well, next topic is training. GOOD GOD they turned my neurotic Aussie into a well behaved “gentleman.” Pilot’s trainer, Tom, has a gift – I would never in a million years think that my dog would actually care to listen, but Tom did it… I LOVE IT! Pilot listens and actually waits for me and does everything I ask him to, without treats! ¬†I’m so stoked about this training, I swear, if you are thinking about training your dog, YOU MUST check out Snug and what they have to offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they can do for your dog within a matter of weeks. Pi took his 3 week training with Tom, and it still amazes me at what my dog can do. Oh, and another great perk is that you get follow up training for your dog after they get out of the 3 weeker, at NO additional cost. I can’t get over it. Period.

As you may remember from my previous post, I mentioned that Snug is a one stop shop for everything imaginable for your pet. Well, just to reiterate, the new boutique area is full of neat and trendy stuff that is hard to find in San Diego, let alone anywhere else for that matter. ¬†There’s everything from dog clothing to dishes to collars to beds, and not just any old frumpy dog beds, I’m talking about customizable dog beds that you get to create yourself (as in choosing the colors and patterns, etc.). ¬† Another key part of Snug is the grooming. ¬†Now I’ve been taking Pi to a groomer in Oceanside ever since he was a puppy, but obviously me living in downtown SD and driving all the way up to see his groomer in O’side isn’t exactly a trip I look forward to twice a month… anyway, Sarah, the resident groomer at Snug, does such a damn good job with Pilot that she is now his “permanent” groomer. It’s so convenient to have everything you need for your animal in one spot, don’t you think?
Ok ok ok, I know, I’m sure by the time I have this thing posted it’s going to have it’s own page, but there’s just one last thing I NEED to say, and this is for all of the naysayers of Snug. Now I understand that everyone has bad experiences with places, I’ve personally had a few, but at Snug, one thing is absolutely certain: THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS COMES FIRST. There have been many times that Katie or even Toni, one of the owners of Snug, have contacted me on my random inquires, etc., and they do so in an expeditious manner and they ALWAYS follow up. ¬†This is my tried and true experience, and for people to say negative things about how they were mislead or how they were caught off guard by charges, etc., please be sure to read the literature that is on display on the counters. ¬†There is at least 6 or 7 laminated cards that spell out everything, and they’re kind of hard to miss, so if you take the time to read, your questions should be answered, and if not, Katie and Toni are there to help you out. ¬†Pricing really shouldn’t be an issue honestly, I mean, you are taking your pet to one of the cleanest and friendliest daycare/boarding facilities in all of SD county, so what do you expect? With 5 star service and treatment, honestly, for the prices that are set, you are getting a bitchin’ deal, no doubt. ¬†I would pay the same amount, if not more, for the care and treatment that my dog receives. Just looking at Snug from the outside, you know as you walk in thru those doors that you are getting your money’s worth here.

Well, I hope my long winded review has helped those of you looking for a new place to take your dog locally or even for a new groomer or vet, because I can bet that you won’t find a better facility. ¬†BET!! ūüôā

Erika S.
San Diego, CA

My dog Bogart loves Snug- it’s his home away from home. ¬†He hardly misses us when he’s there! ¬†The staff is wonderful and attentive, the grooming and training is great. ¬†I’ve tried a few other places in the area, and this is the best.

James B.
Portola Valley, CA

I’ve been working with Tom for about 4 months now and can’t believe the difference in my dog. ¬†When I first came in he was pulling and cutting in front of me constantly. Barking at every dog that went by. ¬†Now four months later he’s already working at off leash training and is well behaved at all times. The way he should be! ¬† I could not have done this with out Tom’s expertise.

Robert N.
Carlsbad, CA

Where do I begin?! I love Snug! I have had the pleasure of using all of their services and my dogs and I couldn’t be happier. They understand both of my dogs special needs and do everything they can to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Ashbaugh and his staff are amazing. They always take time to talk to me about my concerns and have never rushed me off the phone. I can’t tell you the last time I had a vet stay on the phone with me for 20 minutes to go over my dog’s health!!

The staff at the front desk is always friendly and I feel like they really know and care about my dogs. I can be a very protective mom and they are very patient with me and my concerns.

The grooming staff is great and a better environment for my dogs than the mass-market petstore groomers. Again, they understand my dogs special needs and are very patient with them.

I recently took Boca and Zoey, my two Pomeranians, for in-kennel training. The results have been amazing! Brittany did a fantastic job with them. She understood both of their personalities and communicated with me through the entire process. Boca had some health concerns while staying for his training. Brittany brought this Dr. Ashbaugh’s attention and they both contacted me right away to let me know what would be done to ensure he would feel better. I’m so excited to see their continued progress. We couldn’t be more grateful for the new life we have all been given thanks to the training!!! The staff at Snug have been amazing and I truly appreciate the love and attention they show my babies. I highly recommend them to anyone for all their pet’s needs!

Tricia G.
San Diego, CA

We will be forever thankful to Snug Pet Resort and especially to Tom for saving our dog life. ¬†Our dog, Snoopy, had been seriously abused as a puppy and had developed both people and dog aggression. ¬†Things had gotten so bad that my co-workers had started asking me how “Cujo” was doing when I would come in to work. ¬†He terrorized our neighbors and we were always in fear he would get out and bite somebody, which of course he did. ¬†Snoopy felt every person and dog was an enemy until proven otherwise. ¬†After 4 years of worry, lots of money and two other failed trainers (one he bit on “graduation day”), I was forced to consider putting him down after he got out and bit a neighbor. ¬†That day, I happen to read the article about Snug’s opening and that they were willing to work with aggressive dogs.

Snoopy lived there for 2 months and Tom was his trainer. ¬†Tom gave me updates several times a week and any other time I would call. ¬†I stopped stressing out about leaving Snoopy by the second time I talked to Tom. ¬†His knowledge and genuine kindness eased my concerns. ¬†The front desk staff were always great and if Tom wasn’t there they would get someone who knew Snoopy to give me an update.

A year later, we still can’t believe this is the same dog. He no longer tries to chase cars, people or dogs. ¬†When the doorbell rings, he goes and waits patiently for one of us to come. ¬†We can actually open our front door now.

Tom has continued to work on training my husband and I.  He is incredibly patient and his love for our dog is quite evident.   He continues to be there for us when we have questions about how to handle new situations and when we make mistakes.

We board Snoopy at Snug and have taken more mini-vacations in the last year because we know he is safe and with his other family.  He knows it also because the minute we take the freeway exit for Snug, he is up and wagging his tail.

San Diego, CA

We had taken our dog for training and a week stay at Snug. Our dog came back as we expected for him to come back, well trained. I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone else, especially Dan, the trainer our dog had. The only problem was a misunderstanding with our bill at the front desk, which eventually was straighten out.

Alfonso S.
San Diego, CA

Snug Pet Resort is a great and excellent facility to board your pet. They also provide training for problem pets. I recently bought a puppy who gave me lots of problems. I went to Snug Pet Resort and they have a program of boarding your pet while being trained. I signed up my puppy for this program and they did an excellent job training my puppy. Now, he is completely different and obedient. They also provide excellent care to my pets while boarding there.

Julie C.
San Diego, CA

Love Snug. ¬†So does Monty, my black lab mix. ¬†I use Snug for training, daycare, grooming and vet services. ¬†One stop shopping- can’t beat that. ¬†I’ll start by saying how lucky I am to have Graham as my dog’s trainer. ¬†We purchased an obedience package when Monty was about one. ¬†Monty is trained on-leash and off-leash on the e-collar. ¬†Graham is knowledgeable, kind, and gets results. ¬†What I especially appreciate is how he goes above and beyond by correcting Monty’s bad behavior and reinforcing his good behavior outside of lessons…for example, when Monty is in daycare, or when he is just ¬†passing through the lobby or parking lot with me. ¬†When I get another puppy, I would use Graham again- and try ¬†Snug’s puppy bootcamp right from the start. As I mentioned, I also use Snug for daycare. I am on my second or third daycare package. ¬†I bring Monty there a few days a week. ¬†I actually work from home half the week and the other days I am in a dog-friendly office in Sorrento Valley- so I dont have to use daycare. ¬†I choose to because my dog gets supervised socialization and exercise. ¬†The fact that Snug has such a strong specialization in training is the main reason I trust leaving my dog at their daycare facility. ¬†The added convenience of having a vet onsite in case of an emergency – or just for the routine checkup saves me an extra visit or a long drive to another facility. The front office ladies have been an added bonus- they always seem happy to see Monty and check us in and out promptly. ¬† What can I say? ¬†I’m hooked.

Lisa M.
Solana Beach, CA

Great resort for dogs. My dog enjoyed being there and that made me happy. It was great because It is a wonderful facility, not only because if has everything for a pet’s needs, but it was obvious the help were caring, knowledgeable, helpful and very professional, AND last, but not least – the price was right. Thank you all!

Gloria I.
Encinitas, CA

Snug Pet Resort is a really warm, super friendly place where our two German Shepherds- Bjorn and Edda- are always well-taken care of and loved.  The  facilities are second to none- incredible suites and even a pool for the dogs- and they offer a full range of services, including on-site veterinary services, grooming, and training.  They also pick-up and deliver your pets. The element that makes Snug the only choice for us, though, are the people.  We met the owners before Snug opened and were taken by their passion for animals- to them, Snug is much more than a business.  They truly care about our dogs.

Kristina B.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

My experience at Snug Pet has been excellent. ¬†Mike came highly recommended by a coworker. ¬†I wanted help to reset some boundaries with my dog and balance out his energy. ¬†Mike’s team exceeded my expectations.

It is upsetting to read the one-star rated postings. ¬†I have been at Snug Pet for up to 2 hours every other week since December. ¬†Our visits have all been positive. ¬†Mike was wonderful with my three daughters and realistic about what I would get. ¬†I absolutely respect that. ¬†I was honest about what I could afford and he gave me options. ¬†I decided to enroll my dog in their three-week program. ¬†My dog was assigned to Nick although it seems all the trainers know my dog well. ¬†Nick called once a week to update me and also listened to my concerns. ¬†It was very helpful and I am grateful for their work. ¬†When I picked my dog up it was a wet cold day. ¬†I was late and still Nick patiently worked with me on how to continue training at home. ¬†He also encouraged me to return soon with all my girls to reinforce the training with everyone who would be around my dog. ¬†Tom assisted us on our family follow-up and did a wonderful and impressive job with my daughters. ¬†He walked each of them, three times in a row, through the basic commands and gave some great tips. ¬†Nick joined Tom towards the end of the appointment and they both worked with us. ¬†We’ve followed up with Nick about 5 times over the past few months. ¬†It has been very helpful.

The facility has always been clean and well-kept.  My dog has actually gone to the bathroom twice inside and they took care of it immediately.

I was initially concerned with one of the negative positings about Mike’s demeanor but let’s just end this with a humorous note. ¬†I’m glad Mike is a bit of a hard-*ss. ¬†That’s exactly what I was looking for in a dog trainer.

Thanks to all the staff for taking such good care of Gus-Gus!

Carrie F.
San Diego, CA

We recently found Snug Pet Resort and couldn’t be happier. ¬†They offer first class treatment for our pets and they do it all. ¬†From healthcare to training to boarding to doggie clothes and furniture. ¬†What a place! ¬†Their staff consist of professionals who you can tell love working with pets. ¬†Our pets always love staying at Snug. ¬†They even sent us a card today wishing our dog a happy birthday! ¬†Nice touch!

Thank you Snug for training our pup to be a good dog.  Wow, what a difference your training made.

Mike A.
La Jolla, CA

My wife and I adopted Casey, a two year old 60 lb. Australian Shepherd mix from a local rescue. He was already house broken and was a very affectionate dog…..with humans. We discovered, however, that he is a dominant dog and didn’t always get along with some other dogs. He was selective in that way. We also found out that he has a very strong will and a mind of his own. Difficult traits when you are trying to train them yourself. My lack of success in training led me to the internet where I located and contacted a number of dog trainers with a variety of different training methods. I found the Snug web site (and Mike’s previous web site before he became part of Snug. I liked what I read and made an appointment with Mike to have Casey evaluated. It didn’t take but a few minutes and Mike had Casey pretty much figured out. In their short period of time together he probably ended up knowing as much or more about Casey than we did after having him for about 4 months.

What we learned was that Casey had probably not received adequate socialization during his critical younger days and as a result had learned/defaulted to a number of bad habits. So rather than teaching a new pup with a blank slate to work with, we discovered that the difficulty we had experienced in trying to train him new things was made more difficult by the ‘bad’ habits he already knew.

Okay. When Mike gave us the options on what we could do, it was immediately clear to us that we needed big help. We decided on the 21 day ‘boot camp’ program, which I initially thought was expensive, but recognized as maybe our only solution. Going in, the only thing, other than being house broken, that Casey knew was to sit and he wasn’t all that good at that.

It really hurt us to have to leave him and not be able to visit, but it was a sacrifice we felt we had to make to provide Casey with the tools he needed to become the star we knew he could be.
Graham was the assigned trainer and called us once each week to let us know how things were going and answer any questions we might have. He was very patient and seemed to understand that we were just typical concerned parents.

After the 3 weeks of training, my wife and I went to pick up Casey. We were both anxious about how he would react to us, and how much he was able to learn. We waited in a room with glass in the doors while Graham brought Casey into the adjacent room to demonstrate what Casey had learned. We were both blown away by the dog we saw following Graham around and responding to various commands. Miracles!!!! When Casey was brought in to see us, he was so happy and excited (almost as much as us).
We were given a verbal and written set of instructions on how we should continue to work with Casey after he returned home, and were told to call Graham anytime we had questions. We were also told that we should schedule followup training sessions where one of us would bring Casey back to work on things that needed followup instruction. I have been through 5 followup sessions with Casey and Graham and come away each time seeing progress and a better understanding of how to work with Casey in his home environment.

Casey and I take daily walks around the neighborhood and work on as many of the commands as we can while exposing him to distractions of all sorts. The good news is that he has learned to accept the presence of other dogs without going into a full-on rage. Of course, just because Casey is now ‘perfect’, it doesn’t mean that other dogs are too, so we keep him leashed and don’t allow him to ‘focus’ or ‘obsess’ on the other dogs. Distraction is the key.

Casey now knows how to heel on command and ‘auto-sit’ when I stop walking. He goes down on command. He comes and sits in front of me on command. He goes to his bed on command and lays down and stays. The best command he learned is to ‘leave it’, which is used to distract him from anything you don’t want him involved with, such as other dogs.

Where at one time we were frustrated by Casey’s stubbornness, we are now very pleased with the responsiveness he shows us. I’m sure Graham was very challenged by Casey, but its obvious that this is not Graham’s first rodeo. He is a very pleasant young man to work with and he represents the Snug Pet Resort in a very positive way.
Mike has developed a very fine facility and staffed it very well. He, along with all the very pleasant employees I encountered, are to be congratulated for understanding how important our pets are to us as owners.

I took a tour of the facilities and found them to be very professional and clean.

Again, kudos to Snug Pet Resorts for what they’ve done for us. We are very happy with our Snug experience.

James N.
San Diego, CA

Well, I have a lot to say about this place. First off, I put my shiba inu in for advanced training (those of you with a shiba, all know how stubborn our dogs are) and he is so awesome now. He was a good dog to begin with, but had his bad habits one of which included dominance and dog aggression. He’s 6 years old, so even tougher to train. We weren’t sure how he’d come back to us, but he’s a new dog. ¬†Its unbelievable. Snug is now in the process of training us!! and we’re all for it. Now that we’ve found this place, we go here for grooming, boarding, and vet appts. Its a one stop shop. I’m still kind of iffy about putting him in day care because I just think its in his personality to not like other dogs, but we’ll see after the maintenance classes how he does with the other doggies. I love this place. Tomi, my dog smells so good after grooming appts, and he loves the staff. They are all so awesome & prices are not bad either! =)

Auzon A.
San Diego, CA

Wonderful experience!!!

Paulette G.
San Diego

Wow! Where do I start? This place is every stressed out pet owner’s SALVATION! Upon arriving at Snug for the first time, we felt the way anyone would feel about leaving their first child with another. After meeting the staff and taking a tour of the amazing facilities we immediately felt at ease about leaving our baby with them, and he was a BABY…about 3 months! He couldn’t even play with the other dogs yet. They took Milton in like he was their own and treated him like a king! He has been there just about every week day since that day. He’s even spent a weekend with his friends at Snug.

We have used all of the “Snugalicious” services (daycare, boarding, grooming, training, vet), and we could not be more satisfied with all of them. As a growing South African Mastiff, Milton gets stinky really fast, but when we tried to give him baths, he wouldn’t talk to us for the rest of the day. Lucky for us, Snug gives a brilliant bath, and he doesn’t get as angry with Snug staff for some reason.

We have just completed our beginning puppy training class, and Milton has already learned so much! The class was fun and productive, but most importantly, Graham gave us the tools to continue the training at home. We love that there is a vet on the grounds in case there is ever a problem. We came to Snug with a different vet, but have since started using Snug’s, Dr. Houlihan. He is competent, experienced, friendly, and most importantly, honest! I’m sure many people have felt that they have been completely ripped off by vets, and I can tell you, that you can trust Dr. Houlihan.

I truly feel like the Snug staff will bend over backwards to ensure that your pets are treated the way they would treat their own. Any and every request you make is a priority for them. Just walk in and you can sense the happy vibe. Everyone is friendly and smiling, including the animals! Milton loves all the folks that he sees every day! They make him and all of the other animals feel special and important.

I look forward to coming to Snug every day to visit with the staff and spy on Milton as he plays in the “big” dog daycare with all of his buddies (I’m waiting for the day he jumps in the pool)! I just appreciate knowing that when I am work, my beloved puppy is happy and safe!! I really couldn’t ask for anything else for Milton!

Lauren A.
San Diego, CA

Two years ago I adopted a dog that was ruining my house, nipping at my son, extremely difficult to walk, and generally driving me crazy. ¬†A friend recommended doggie boot camp at Snug Pet Resort. ¬†I was afraid if they couldn’t help, our little terror would have to find a new home. ¬†Three weeks at Snug turned my hard-to-handle dog into a new-and-improved dog. ¬†Graham is a miracle worker! ¬†I think even he was surprised that such a small dog would be so difficult to train, but he did it (with only a few bites, so he said). ¬†My dog, who would pull on the leash till he was choking himself, learned to “heel” and “down” whenever I stopped. ¬†He also learned to control his aggressive impulses when he saw another dog out on the street. ¬†No more nipping at my son, and he knows how to “go to your bed” perfectly every time. ¬†I love that we’re able to attend follow-up training as much as we want when he needs a refresher course in good manners. ¬†Now our little dog is a joy to be around! ¬†Thanks, Snug Pet Resort! ¬† I’m definitely bring my dog back for boarding when I go on vacation

Mercedes A.
San Diego, CA

“Investing in professional canine training is the single most responsible thing you can do for your dog and your family.” -Mike Stone, Absolute K9

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